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Aligning local anti-poverty efforts with global goals

September 2015 — The post-2015 development agenda is both ambitious and absolutely necessary. How can cities and organizations — from global foundations to community-based NGOs — align their work with the Sustainable Development Goals and other development frameworks in order to coordinate and scale their efforts, increase their impact, and ensure that these critically important goals are achieved?

This month, URB.im examines how funders, practitioners, communities, and other stakeholders are linking local efforts to eradicate urban poverty with global development goals. Follow the conversation as it unfolds over the course of the month and share your thoughts in the comments below.

HERhealth: Health education for Dhaka's garment workers

Dhaka, 2 September 2015 — The ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh is the country's largest employer of women from low-income backgrounds. Unfortunately, the health and safety of these workers in the factories is often neglected. Not only do the existing staff lack sufficient qualifications and the ability to respond effectively to emergencies, the women are also not educated about their health and hygiene. HERproject addresses this deficit in Dhaka's garment factories. See more.

Los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio como fuente de legitimidad política

Bogotá, 1 septiembre 2015 — El irregular cumplimiento de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en el mundo se puede explicar en parte en base a las particularidades de los sistemas políticos. El sistema electoral local en Colombia resulta en que algunos alcaldes son elegidos con un porcentaje bajo de los votos. Esto les obliga a buscar legitimidad, y la validación internacional es una de sus principales fuentes. Así, tienen un fuerte incentivo para incluir los ODM en la formulación y ejecución de las políticas públicas. Leer más.


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Fighting urban poverty by fighting inequality

Crimen y desigualdad en Caracas

Caracas, 28 agosto 2015 — Reducir el crimen es necesario para reducir la desigualdad. Para reducir el crimen necesitamos innovar en la forma como usamos mecanismos de control formal e informal. Comunidades organizadas pueden reducir el crimen con acciones de interrupción de violencia y trabajo preventivo con jóvenes en situación de riesgo. El Estado puede mejorar sus políticas usando datos para entender mejor como utilizar sus limitados recursos. Leer más.

Answering xenophobia: The rise of a Johannesburg soccer team

Johannesburg, 27 August 2015 — In a context where poor South Africans struggle to find work and service delivery promises are often perceived as empty, it is often African foreigners with whom they live side by side who become the targets for anger and frustration. In May 2008 and April 2015, these frustrations exploded into countrywide xenophobic attacks. In 2008 a Johannesburg-based NPO, the Sultan Bahu Centre, went into areas where attacks took place to try to use soccer as a means around which to build bridges and to help to integrate foreign nationals back into society. A soccer team known as "Sultan Bahu FC" was formed, whose ethos was matched only by its stunning success. See more.

Lilongwe women leveling inequality in construction

Lilongwe, 26 August 2015 — Gender equality and women's empowerment in the Malawian construction sector has sought to bridge the gap between men and women's gender roles. There has been little involvement of women, let alone non-qualified women, in construction management. But groups of women from the slums of Lilongwe are challenging the male-dominated sector by taking construction positions. See more.

مهاجران افغانستانی و تبعیض آموزشی

Tehran, 25 August 2015 — کودکان مهاجران افغانستانی در ایران معمولا به سختی می توانند مانند کودکان ایرانی تحصیل کنند. به ویژه اگر والدینشان موفق به دریافت اجازه اقامت نشده باشند. یک سازمان غیردولتی در تهران در بیش از یک دهه فعالیت خود تلاش کرده این تبعیض را کاهش دهد.
ادامه مطلب.

No more amnesty for black money: Combating seaport smuggling

Chittagong, 24 August 2015 — Smuggling and corruption leads losses in revenue and taxes in Chittagong. A new initiative trains and mentors port officials in the hope of changing the system for the better and in turn making the economy more equitable for the urban poor. See more.

Pemenuhan hak-hak dasar kelompok LGBT

Jakarta, 21 Agustus 2015 — Kelompok LGBT di Indonesia kerap menghadapi diskriminasi, pelecehan dan kekerasan baik dari masyarakat maupun kelompok agama. Orientasi seksual mereka menjadikan mereka rentan terhadap kemiskinan akibat terabaikannya hak-hak dasar kehidupannya. Arus Pelangi mengajak masyarakat luas untuk menerima keberadaan mereka dan menuntut pemerintah memberi hak yang sama sebagai warga Negara. Baca lebih lanjut.

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