Are "Smart" Cities the Way Ahead for the Global South?

May 2016 — Cities from Dhaka to Nairobi to Medellin have had to deal with explosive growth and, as a result, chaotic development over the last few decades. “Smart” thinking – introducing technologies to improve urban life – is increasingly being touted as a way to tackle existing issues and make cities more livable for all residents. These technologies have focused on improving transport, creating more environmentally friendly initiatives, streamlining governance and improving healthcare. Some cities have linked various technology-driven urban innovations across sectors to bring about wider change while other cities are still experimenting with select projects. This month, we’ll explore how “smart” thinking in Global South cities has the potential to tackle pressing issues in an integrated manner, and question how it will reach even the poorest citizens.



Participación ciudadana mediante plataformas en línea: Una entrevista a Manuela Valencia of Cities for Life

Medellin, 27 mayo 2016 — Las tecnologías digitales permiten nuevas formas de participación ciudadana. Dos plataformas en línea fueron creadas en Medellín: y MiMedellín. Manuela Valencia de Cities for life nos presenta sus objetivos y alcances. Leer más.

From idea to innovation: revolutionizing banking and insurance in pursuit of smarter cities

Nairobi, 26 May 2016 — Founded as a cooperative savings scheme in 1999 by a small group of 50 hawkers and slum dwellers in Nairobi, Jamii Bora Bank (JBB) today boasts a dedicated base of 360,00 customers and 26 branches across the country. The mission of JBB is simple, assist its members to get out of poverty and build a better, more sustainable life for their families. See more.

Dhaka City: baby steps towards a smart city

Dhaka, 25 May 2016 — Developing countries of the Global South are now aiming to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) into urban development. Dhaka is taking baby steps towards the "smart cities" approach to urban development by installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras across the city. The goal is to ensure safety and attempt at preventing crime on the streets. See more.

Tecnologia a favor dos idosos de Curitiba

Curitiba, 24 maio 2016 — Conhecida como uma das melhores cidades brasileiras onde se viver, Curitiba acumula prêmios nacionais e internacionais por seu potencial inovador e por seus investimentos em tecnologias sociais. Neste artigo, conheça duas destas iniciativas, que tiveram um impacto significativo nas vidas dos idosos: o Semáforo Inteligente, nova tecnologia que permite aumentar o tempo de abertura dos semáforos para pedestres, e o Hospital do Idoso Zilda Arns, planejado para ter todos os seus processos de forma digital.Leia mais.

Port city adopts smart city plans to align with developed countries

Chittagong, 23 May 2016 — The port city of Chittagong accounts for more than ninety percent of international trade of Bangladesh and is as popular as the capital since it is the primary business hub. Just like the capital, Chittagong is also facing explosive growth and requires contemporary sustainable development approach to make the city more livable for its dwellers and keep up with its fast pace growth. See more.

Cali, aspirando a convertirse en una ciudad inteligente

Cali, 17 mayo 2016 — En un informe de 2014, el IESE consideró a Cali como la ciudad más inteligente de Colombia. Aunque estos rankings son siempre discutibles, no deja de llamar la atención que la capital del Valle del Cauca, la tercera mayor del país, pueda superar en aspectos tecnológicos a Bogotá y Medellín. Son varias las iniciativas, tanto públicas como privadas, que han podido impulsar a Cali por delante del resto de las capitales colombianas. Leer más.

São Paulo é referência mundial em governo aberto

São Paulo, 16 maio 2016 — A prefeitura de São Paulo faz parte, desde abril, do seleto grupo de 15 gestões públicas ao redor do mundo convidadas a compartilhar suas experiências com a Open Government Partnership. Conheça aplicativos criativos que fizeram a cidade merecer este reconhecimento, e os desafios para realmente aproximar a prefeitura do cotidiano dos cidadãos.Leia mais.

Safety Pin – Untuk Kota yang Lebih Aman

Jakarta, 13 May 2016 — Angka kejahatan di Jakarta tertinggi dibanding kota lain di Indonesia. Kelompok rentan seperti perempuan kerap menjadi korban kejahatan seperti pemerkosaan, perampokan di jalanan, dan pelecehan seksual. Jakarta Smart City melakukan inovasi melalui teknoogi IT dengan meluncurkan Safety Pin untuk melaporkan situasi yang berbahaya. Baca lebih lanjut.

How technology improved water access for Delhi’s poor

Delhi, 12 May 2016 — While India’s new urban policies glorify the smart city, the Delhi government has been working steadily since 2011 to use technology to provide water to underserviced areas in a transparent, efficient manner. The experience underscores that smart solutions can be about leveraging public and private sector capacities to provide citywide fixes to targeted problems. See more.

مصر تخطط لبناء عاصمة جديدة ذكية بحلول عام 2022

Cairo, 11 May 2016
تعتبر العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة في مصر وسيلة للخلاص من الازدحام وحركة المرور الخانقة في القاهرة. ومن المتوقع أن تستضيف العاصمة الجديدة جميع المباني الإدارية والحكومية. ستستخدم العاصمة الجديدة تقنيات ذكية للحفاظ على الاستدامة والاحتفاظ بالطبيعة في المنطقة. وإذا تكلل المشروع بالنجاح فقد يكون مركزا تجاريا عالميا، الذي سيوفر العديد من فرص العمل للشباب.

اقرأ المزيد عن ذلك

Digitizing Joburg

Johannesburg, 10 May 2016 — As part of its "Smart City" initiative, the City of Johannesburg is currently laying out hundreds of kilometers of fiber-optic networks to provide 1000 free Wi-Fi hotspots across the city ("the most ambitious... in the southern hemisphere"), while committing itself to providing extensive digital literacy training to entrepreneurial youth known as “Digital Ambassadors." But we need to remember that effective developmental infrastructure is as much an ongoing social process as it is a technological one. See more.

Acciones para respirar mejor

Mexico D.F., 9 mayo 2016 — De acuerdo al Índice Verde de América Latina, la Ciudad de México ha tenido gran avance en el mejoramiento de la calidad del aire, aunque todavía hay grandes retos, el programa PROAIRE 2011-2020 intenta reducir los contaminantes en el aire de la ciudad. Leer más.

Navi Mumbai’s Smart City Mission

Mumbai, 6 May 2016 — The Indian government’s Smart City Mission aims to provide a better quality of life for urban residents through ‘smart’ solutions. As cities compete against each other to be one of the one hundred cities selected for funding and government assistance, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai’s satellite city, is developing its blueprint to evolve into a smart city. See more.

Disaster management through mobile phone helplines

Lagos, 5 May 2016 — Managing urban areas has become one of the most important development challenges of this century. In Lagos, one of the most pressing issues has become managing urban emergencies and disasters. Recently, the city has set up technology-enabled systems to respond more rapidly and efficiently. See more.

Peran Sektor Non-Pemerintah Membangun Surabaya Smart City

Surabaya, 4 May 2016 — Komitmen pemerintah menjadi salah satu kunci dalam implementasi Smart City. Pemkot Surabaya merupakan salah satu Pemkot di Indonesia dengan komitmen tegas mendukung penuh terwujudnya kota pintar berbasis teknologi. Namun demikian proses ini juga penting untuk melibatkan sektor non-pemerintah untuk akselerasi proses. Baca lebih lanjut.

IT-enabled systems help Bangalore Traffic Police

Bangalore, 3 May 2016 — The traffic situation is Bengaluru is worsening and reports of heavy congestion and road blocks are rampant throughout the day in many parts of the city. While multiple agencies like city governments, activists, planners, designers are working towards improving this situation, other areas like catching the violators, providing update about traffic, and implementing a complaint registration systems, etc. need equal attention. This article is about these multiple initiatives introduced by Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP). See more.

Utilizando la tecnología para mejorar la movilidad en Bogotá

Bogotá, 2 mayo 2016 — La creación de un centro de control ha permitido mejorar las actuaciones de la Alcaldía relacionadas con el tráfico y la movilidad. El éxito de este sistema inteligente ha animado a la Alcaldía a desarrollar un centro similar enfocado en la reducción de la delincuencia. Leer más.


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Hi Peter,
Great article. Despite the inclusive approach of the App and its versatile usage, I wonder if the disabled and people with several disabilities were addressed and their needs were met when this App is designed and promoted?
I believe that considering these vulnerable groups in the societies is a key to adopt and achieve equity..
Thanks for sharing this information!

María Fernanda Carvallo's picture

Jorge, me parece que la Ciudad de México y Bogotá presentan el mismo reto en cuanto a la movilidad por la conectividad entre las diversas formas de transporte público. El tràfico y la demanda de usuarios son dos factores primordiales para el desarrollo de estrategias para una movilidad más fácil, eficiente y segura. El centro de Gestión de Tráfico de Bogotá es un ejemplo que puede ser inspirador para la Ciudad de México. Hay algunos evaluaciones que muestren el impacto de este instituto en la movilidad y en el tráfico de la ciudad?

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