Notes from Tahrir: July 1st

By Howaida Kamel, Cairo Community Manager

We woke up the next morning to find that those in Moqattam had stormed the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters to find rooms filled with Molotov cocktails and other types of weapons. Six were killed in the struggle.

Around 4:30pm, the army made a public broadcast giving President Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to step down. They made it clear that the army is here to serve the Egyptian people, and that the peaceful protests yesterday and their large numbers all around the country showed that Morsi was no longer the will of the people. There was a huge feeling of relief and celebration on the streets afterwards. That evening, Tahrir and Itahedeya – the area around the Presidential Palace, north-east of Tahrir – were packed with a lively crowd.

In response, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood called upon all the President’s supporters to take to the streets during a press conference taking place at 8:00pm. They claim to legitimately have the will of the people, as the President was elected through free and fair elections. Moreover, they refused to acknowledge the current protests as a revolution, because for them, the true revolution occurred in 2011. The Brotherhood continues to call all of those that are protesting in opposition as "feloul", or supporters of the Mubarak regime. This shows that the Muslim Brotherhood isn't going to step down from power without putting up a fight.

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