Notes from Tahrir: July 4th

By Howaida Kamel, Cairo Community Manager

I managed to drive across Kasr el Nile bridge at 8:30am to find people already on the streets, cleaning up after four days of protests. I passed the Constitutional Court, where police forces had secured the area so that Judge Adly Mansour, the new interim President, could take his oath. What became publicized rather quickly was the coincidence that Judge Mansour was appointed the Head of the Constitutional Court on June 30, after his predecessor's term had ended. While some suspect that this might be foul play, he has served on the Constitutional Court since 1992 and has held the position of Vice-President until appointed as the leader by former President Mohamed Morsi.

At 11am, Judge Adly Mansour was sworn in as the sixth President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. His address to the nation afterward was inspiring, commending the Egyptian people for their strength, the army for its dedication, the leaders of the political opposition for their role in the democratic process, and all other members of Egyptian society that played a significant role in the events of the last few days. He spoke eloquently about his role as President during this interim period and the steps that must be taken to ensure new elections that will satisfy the needs of the country and its people.

On the streets today, Egyptians are happy that the Muslim Brotherhood has been ousted, and that they were ousted by the people. There is satisfaction that SCAF has not taken control of the country itself once again, and people agree that the appointment of President Mansour was a smart political move. Local media has already picked up on the fact that he did not once use the word "legitimacy" in his speech, unlike the last Presidential speech from Morsi, which included it 74 times.

Egyptians now feel change. We know what we have accomplished is huge, but we also know that there is still a long way to go. There is a new energy in the country that has been powered by the people's determination to make Egypt a place for all of us. Jokes have come out that we are experts on removing regimes but absolutely terrible at creating them. Let's just hope this new energy will give Egypt the extra push it needs to get it right this time.

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