10 finds: our top SXSW picks for a more inclusive world

By Jill Finlayson

Considering a trip to SXSW in 2014? Vote now for panels that promote greater equity and inclusion. Take a look at our top two picks for several important themes at SXSW: Poverty Alleviation, Education for All, Citizen Engagement, Inclusive Governments, Urban Innovation, and Reinventing Cities.

Poverty Alleviation

The World Bank and Innovation: Striking Poverty
(Jose-Manuel Bassat of the World Bank Institute)

Mobile Technology Solutions for the Marginalized
(LinkSF, St. Anthony Foundation, San Francisco Network Ministries, Zendesk, Kimberly McCollister Design)

Education for All

Digitally Democratizing Education
(The Barbarian Group, Africa Community Trust, Newcastle University)

Reach the Unreachable: Educating More with Less
(Pencils of Promise, Open Equal Free, Teach For All)

Citizen Engagement

Scaling Radical Empowerment Through Technology

The Future of Government-Citizen Interaction
(Public Stuff)

Urban Innovation

The Metropolitan Revolution: Innovation Ecosystems
(Bruce Katz, The Brookings Institution)

Cause-Tech Startups: The Opportunity in Good
(Code for America, Mozilla)

Reinventing Cities

The Power of Connecting Cities
(London Borough of Hackney, Mother London, City of Austin, Bullseye Business Development)

How Entrepreneurs Reshape Urban Mobility
(Ford Motor Company, University of Michigan)

Bonus Picks:

The Triple Win of Service Learning
(Team4Tech, Orphans Overseas, VMWare Foundation)

Design Thinking to Bring Water for All
(frog, National Institute of Design, India)

The BRCK - Designing From the Rest of the World
(Ushahidi and BRCK)

And if you want overview of what's happening, consider the Social Good and Civic Engagement Tech Round-Up.

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