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Talking about arts and crafts in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 17 August 2016 — Tanzania has a long tradition of creating imaginative and thought-provoking art. Artwork is a way that the country preserves its heritage and shares the unique qualities of the culture, history, and environment of Tanzania. Tanzanian art culture is a diverse mix of influences with over 120 tribes which includes Makonde tribal carving, Tinga Tinga paintings, and Zanzibar carved doors and many others. Art in Tanzania is also important part of the country's national identity, and in that sense it's connected to the everyday world of regular people here. See more.

Micro-credit expands business opportunities for informal workers

Dar es Salaam, 19 July 2016 — Dar es Salaam, just like many other cities in East Africa, is facing an unemployment crisis, especially for youth and women. Approximately 52% of the entire population of Dar es Salaam is formally unemployed. And approximately 11% of the unemployed population in Dar es Salaam earns an income through the informal economy and informal labor market, which is characterized by a lack of social security coverage, lack of written contract documents, lack of health insurance and low wages. See more.

Can Dar es Salaam Grow Equitably? A town planner responds.

Dar es Salaam, 21 June 2016 — speaks with Dr. Joel Msamy, a senior town planner and lecturer at Ardhi University in the school of urban and regional planning. See more.

Planning the revolution to stop violence against women

Dar es Salaam, 3 February 2016 — Participatory processes provide an opportunity for a more just and inclusive city. However, planning a movement in a city is no easy task. Using the example of planning the One Billion Rising movement, this article asks: "With increasing opportunities to connect in cities, what tools can be used to aid participation?" See more.

Community mapping for flood resilience and accountability

Dar es Salaam, 2 December 2015 — Policies to tackle climate change issues in Tanzania remain largely great on paper, with limited implementation in practice. A Dar es Salaam-based university has set out to bring some ground responses alive. It has partnered to set up an Open Street Map for Flooding Resilience. Students and local community members have been trained on how to map out their wards – and the projects results could have a significant impact on community-led responses to building climate resiliency. See more.

Building East Africa’s most efficient public transit network

Dar es Salaam, 13 November 2015 — Dar es Salaam, one of sub-Saharan Africa’s rapidly urbanizing centers, is on track to obtain megacity status by 2020. By 2030, it will have the fastest growth in emerging middle class households in Africa (those earning $5,000-$20,000 per year). With this future ahead, infrastructure is going to need to keep up—and the government has a plan. See more.

Why Africa needs to look to its cities to end hunger

Last year, the African Union—an assembly of 54 African nations—formally committed to ending hunger in Africa by 2025. This is incredibly ambitious, considering one out of every four people in sub-Saharan Africa is undernourished. Read more.

Mobile surveys: The innovative human microphone

Dar es Salaam, 16 January 2015 — This article explores how technology is providing insight into the lived experience of Dar es Salaam's residents. Mobile technology is now enabling residents to share their perceptions, giving citizens a voice in the city and a way to express their needs and concerns. Mobile technology is not only changing how the city can be navigated but is providing a tool for collecting information and enabling monitoring and evaluation of the urban experience. See more.

Linking social protection for financial equity in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 16 December 2014 — Financial equity is not simply access. Financial equity means that individuals are presented with a security net enabling the protection of financial assets through family, structural, or environmental events. Focusing on national programmes in Dar es Salaam, which provide financial safety as a solution, this article argues that financial equity requires reducing risk for assets. See more.

Securing a right to city space

Dar es Salaam, 11 November 2014 — Land is an asset, but land policy and planning often sees "the land issue" across cities in the Global South as an issue of informality. Through the case of Dar es Salaam, this article focuses on land dynamics and solutions proposing security of tenure. Such solutions recognise that the issue is not a lack of access to land, but rather focus on changing the vulnerabilities in claiming a right to land. See more.