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Making slum upgrading work in urban Africa — Jhono Bennett

The National Development Plan's Outcome 8 agreement is behind the South African government's current shift towards in situ housing upgrading as a means of redevelopment, with a goal of upgrading 400,000 informal settlements. While these initiatives are creating an institutional framework to begin addressing the needs of informal settlement residents in South Africa, there is little focus across the board on training effective practitioners who can play crucial intermediary roles not only in informal settlement upgrading but also in the nation's spatial redevelopment. Read more or discuss.

Exposing gated cities

Upon exploring how just and inclusive cities can emerge a key component of analysis is social life — how people act in cities, the complex character of sociability, and the factors designing urban life. Multiple concepts have been raised to define what a city is — and has become, and further, what kind of life materialises within urban spaces. Over time cities have been conceptualised as 'misanthropic', expressing disorganisation, violence, and a dense concentration of people whom adopt different mentalities and motives. Such urban personas are expressed through space. Read more.