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The portal for government transparency: Aiding public awareness through infographics

Lagos, 5 March 2015 — Gaining access to information and understanding that information are two separate issues: data that's been gathered is often hard to interpret. BudgIt is an organization whose mission is to bring clarity to modern-day issues and governance performances through new media techniques, providing much desired clarity to the public. See more.

Investing in street youths: Generation Enterprise

Lagos, 12 February 2015 — Globally, the increasing number of unemployed youth and the gap in available opportunities is a serious concern. Looking beyond interventions that provide vocational skills training and financing is a wholesome approach targeting both skills development and entrepreneurship so as to generate a more productive crop of youths. See more.

Finding the right fit with Mayorlinks clothiers

Even in a room full of almost 100 of Lagos's top executives and government leaders, David Mayowa was among the best-dressed. He and his business partner Emmanuel Gbenga were at the US Consulate pitching David's new clothing brand, Mayorlinks, and they had to dress for success. Such an occasion called for a beautiful bespoke suit. David was confident in his suit’s quality. After all, he'd made it himself – along with all the other items he and Emmanuel were wearing when they won over the judges with their clothing concept. Read more.

Making a life change with Changers Laundry and Dry Cleaners

Christian Jonah Effiong knows the importance of resilience better than most aspiring business leaders. After being homeless, struggling with "street jobs" as a bus conductor and okada driver, gaining a job, losing his job, and losing his life savings and having to start again, Christian's very survival hinged on his ability to bounce back, stay focused, and keep moving forward. Read more.

Accelerating social innovation: Lagos' hub of technological progress

Lagos, 15 January 2015 — A number of initiatives are emerging to promote and support technological and social innovation in Lagos. Two stand out: a technological and social enterprise hub for startups, and the largest West African IT market. Both introduce an unique element to Lagos' world of technology and social enterprises. See more.

Enugu's journey to resilience

This is my first post that is not focused on Lagos, Nigeria's most populated city and its commercial hub. Today we travel hundreds of miles eastwards, to the city of Enugu, capital of Enugu State, and one of the 35 cities that made this year’s '100 Resilient Cities' (100RC) list. Read more.

Banking the unbanked and the underbanked

Lagos, 5 December 2014 — Lagos' residents become unbanked due to lack of information or access and onerous time requirements. Inclusion efforts have led to the launch of various initiatives; this month, we focus on a groundbreaking one in Lagos: a banking system using nontraditional tools and methods to extend services to the urban poor in slums and inaccessible areas of the city. See more.

Through design thinking, Alimosho youth found treasure in a trash heap

When most people hear the word "design," they usually think of sleek Apple products and colorful Post-its stuck on the wall of a Silicon Valley-style startup. In Lagos they might think of the growing tech hub and open concept incubator spaces in Yaba. They usually don’t think of Alimosho. Read more.

Regularisation of land titles: Who benefits?

Lagos, 6 November 2014 — The rapid urbanization of Lagos increases occupancy of unallocated land. The increasing need to accommodate large populations of land squatters and obtain better records of land use for taxation has led to a policy culminating in tenancy security for squatters. However, how well the process and improvements work is debatable. See more.

Keke NAPEP: Redefining work, space, and commuting for the urban poor

Lagos, 10 October 2014 — Transportation is an important factor in determining how income is spent as well as the mobility of a city's residents. Introduced as a poverty alleviation tool, the commercial motorized tricycle Keke NAPEP not only provides affordable mobility within Lagos, but is also an opportunity for employment and a different kind of workspace. See more.