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Governance and the informal-formal transport divide

Dar es Salaam, 16 October 2014 — This article focuses on the governance of transport systems, and the individuals driving the restless city. Dar es Salaam showcases a class division in the transport systems available and further barriers between formal and informal systems. However, as informal transport workers collectivise, a new perspective is rising. See more.

Changing urban planning: an urban SDG for compact cities

Dar es Salaam, 5 September 2014 — With Dar es Salaam continuing to grow, focus turns to what an urban Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) would mean for urban planning in the city. Can the lived experience of Dar es Salaam be changed through measuring and recognising sustainability? See more.

Rebuilding social capital for safety

Dar es Salaam, 8 August 2014 — Upon exploring Dar es Salaam's Safer Cities Programme, discussion switches from physical planning to emphasize the need to build social capital — trust, networks, and a dialogue amongst urban dwellers. Resources are required to create spaces where complaints can be made, and cases listened to. See more.

Community slum mapping — a housing solution?

Dar es Salaam, 16 July 2014 — When discussion turns to an 'inclusive' housing policy and planning in developing cities, the focus often turns to criticising slums and the current housing the poor call home. Within this article the focus shifts — what happens when we recognise slums as homes and a basis for inclusive urban planning? See more.

Inclusive capitalism for Dar es Salaam: an issue of formal supply?

Recent reports revealed that 26 percent of Tanzanians remain excluded from formal and informal financial services. Restrictions on banking and borrowing mean that the poor face the greatest barriers to entering the exclusive world of capitalism. An inclusive credit-finance system is needed. Tanzania has attempted to improve access because access to credit connects the poor with economic development and social services. This article will focus on three key solutions for Dar es Salaam's poor, across scales: localized informal credit, mobile money, and national information for credit. Read more or discuss.