Site Visit to Alam Sutera

The last day of the New Cities Summit included a visit to Alam Sutera, a residential and commercial development zone 15 km outside Jakarta. When the development started in 1994, the area was considered remote, but due to Jakarta's dramatic expansion and the toll road access that opened in 2009, Alam Sutera is now a bustling town of its own. Alam Sutera includes high-end housing "clusters," mid-range apartment buildings, a sports center, a hospital, a school, and numerous stores and malls, including Indonesia's first IKEA and the largest Ace Hardware in the world.

The tour included a visit to the command center, where at least three people monitor 80 CCTVs 24 hours a day. While crime rates are very low, the center works to anticipate traffic conditions, respond to traffic accidents, and to any calls from the community's numerous emergency call boxes.

Alam Sutera is now working to improve the community in two main respects. First, the developers are hoping to make it more of a "smart city" — for example, using sensors to monitor the water, sewage, and electricity systems. Secondly, Alam Sutera is working towards reducing the environmental impact of the community through initiatives to recycle waste, become more pedestrian-friendly, further develop their internal transportation system of shuttles, and explore alternative energy options.

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